Turning Point Day Center
Standing For the Invisibles


Dignity. Respect. Empowerment.

Homelessness in Atlantic City

The plight of the homeless in Atlantic City is well known by those that live, work, provide social services, and invest/operate businesses in Atlantic City.

The homeless are currently serviced by a number of agencies and ministries in Atlantic City including the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, various churches, Sister Jean’s Kitchen, Jewish Family Services, and many others. The one service that is lacking to meet a great need for this population of our city is a Day Center between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. 

In order to provide a more holistic approach to meet the needs of this at-risk population and to assist them in returning to society as stable, productive citizens, we propose to open Turning Point Day Center.

Turning Point Day Center will help curb loitering and panhandling in front of businesses, and residential buildings which creates an unseemly and occasionally dangerous environment, negatively impacting those businesses.

The hundreds of homeless in Atlantic City are not homeless by choice but because of circumstances. They are the hundreds of invisibles that are not seen or recognized as the human beings that they are. When they are seen they are seen as loiterers and nuisances. But we see them. Please stand with us as we stand for the invisible.


Our Mission:

Turning Point Day Center endeavors to provide holistic services in a secure setting to assist the homeless in Atlantic City to return to society as productive citizens.


Support Services:

Services include job training and career counseling, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, life skills, senior services, veteran's services, day laborers, meals, a laundry room, showers and more.